It's a simple question: What food tradition in your life reflects time, place, and people, or evokes a specific memory?

In interviews throughout the South, our team of Whole Foods documentarians asked this, and as a result, captured heartfelt stories about the Civil Rights Movement, Hurricane Katrina, the Great Migration, traditional hog killings, magic pickling rocks, southern spaetzle, paw paws, gumbo, and more.

A joint endeavor from Georgia Organics, Southern Foodways Alliance, and Whole Foods Market, A Spoken Dish is a storytelling project dedicated to celebrating and documenting food memories and rituals from people across the South. The storytellers featured include professional chefs, farmers, home cooks, writers, artists and children.

"The goal of A Spoken Dish is to document the palate of a changing South; one that demonstrates the diversity of our communities by way of what lands on the supper table," producer Kate Medley said. "We want to know more about how people are cooking and how they got there - from the North Carolinian who holds the generations-old recipe for Appalachian fermented beans, to the Atlantan who riffs on her Caribbean roots by way of grits and okra."

A Spoken Dish would love to hear the roots of your food identity and traditions. Join the conversation on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

(Right) Raegan Hodge records an interview with Osha Love Lowery in Jackson, MS.
(Bottom - Left to right) Mimi Schiffman documents bacon. Emilie Dayan, Kate Medley, and Sara Camp Arnold wrap on a shoot day at Brown Elementary School in Jackson, MS. Nicoll Joiner sits for an interview in Durham, NC.